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Wow, after roughly 6 months and over 700 commits, many many lines of code and an extended period of bug squashing, PageLines DMS 2 is here.  What an exciting time for the team at PageLines and for us as DMS users.  There are a lot of great new features that really make this release a great time to jump in.

New Sections In PageLines DMS 2

There are many new sections available with DMS 2 and here they are.

  • Navi – A new navigation section with mega menu capabilities that allows users to create multicolumn menus.  The navi section is thicker as well which bodes well for people wanting ‘more room’ for their logo.
  • Testimonials – This section was available with some of the free themes PageLines had available and has made its way into core.  It’s a rotating quote section.
  • Socialinks – A new section for displaying your social media links and a copyright notice.
  • Maps – A section that allows you to display your ‘location’ with a customizable marker.  You can do one location or multiple locations on one map.
  • Masonic Gallery – A new way of displaying posts, masonic applies a style of laying out posts with featured images like a brick wall.
  • Docker – A section that takes a custom post type and turns it into a docs layout.  This is handy for creating a knowledgebase or a documentation site.
  • PageHeader – A section that adds in the page/post title, creates room for a subtitle allows for buttons or navigation links and a background image.
  • Popshot – A section based on one that was available in a free PageLines theme that lets you add images that pop up from the bottom, they can even be wrapped in a fake browser window.
  • Canvas – The replacement section for the Section Area Section, canvas has some great new features including the ability to add video backgrounds, add any background color and even set the height of the section to be as tall as you want.
  • Sharebar – A section that lets you display various social network links where people can post/share/tweet your content to their network.

New Features In PageLines DMS 2

Many of the sections that were extremely useful in DMS 1.x have been redesigned from the ground up with some new features and new designs.  The RevSlider has the ability to add in full width video backgrounds, Quickslider has lost it’s border and has a more streamlined navigation UI, Propricing has been updated and the content loop section has been given a major overhaul.

The Post Loop/WP Content section is one to focus on because many users have come to expect a certain set of features and control around how their posts are displayed.  One of the major enhancements with DMS 2 is that it’s now able to fully embrace post formats in WordPress.  In order to do this, the old post loop section needed to be changed.  If you’re using some of the features of the old post loop to enhance the look and feel of your current sites, you’ll want to test out DMS 2’s style and options before committing to the upgrade.  There are some great advantages but one of the losses is the level of control over the post loop that was there with DMS 1.1.  PageLines has included the option to revert to the ‘legacy’ version of the post loop section for those of us who want that functionality but as with anything in software, it’s more of a transition period than a permanent solution.  Ultimately you’ll want to move to the new architecture and embrace the change if you can.

Under the hood DMS 2 has undergone some big changes and there are some extra tools built in for developers.  Enabling debug mode in the Advanced panel pulls up a developer tab that allows you to toggle LESS mode on and off.  A great feature for those writing LESS for their designs.  Many of the core graphics have been updated as well with a more flat aesthetic and a more squared off style (less rounded corners and gradients throughout).

DMS 2 has got many more great features that we’re excited to talk about and already have started talking about and we’ll continue to update you with everything you need to know about DMS 2 in the coming days and weeks.

Have you had a chance to download and test DMS 2?  What do you think?  Sound off in the comments below.

5 Responses to "PageLines DMS 2 Is Here"
  1. Mustafa Kadhim says:

    What is PSDs ?

    • James Giroux says:

      PSDs are layered files used by Photoshop. A lot of web designers like to start in Photoshop and design their layout there before transferring it to html/css.

  2. Mustafa Kadhim says:

    I am using DMS now , and my activation will deactivate in about 5 months , how can I move to DMS2 , There are tow downloads in my dashboard one for DMS2 With Key and the other for PSDs , Can I use them now or not ,

  3. Hostmonkee2 says:

    How to upgrade from DMS to DMS2? Is this loaded as a new WP theme?

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