The Changing Landscape of Analytics

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Over the last few months I’ve started to become an avid subscriber of the KissMetrics Blog.  It started out innocently enough, I wanted to find a way to better understand Google Analytics.  As I started to search, I landed on a keyword that linked me up with the KissMetrics blog.  It was a treasure trove of [...]

PLA 2.0 Is Here!

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We’ve been working long and hard for the last 5 months on the next iteration of PageLines Academy and I’m proud to say it’s finally here!  We started thinking about a revamp of the Academy roughly three weeks after we launched it.  The first iteration was a much more rushed experience to try and get [...]

#SocialSunday – Twitter got a Scandal-Worthy Facelift!

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By now I’m fairly certain you’ve noticed that Twitter has receive a facelift and completely changed their user interface to a more Facebook-y look and feel. Social media users are notoriously famous for hating change… just watch your newsfeed whenever Facebook makes the smallest layout changes, and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve been using [...]


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Hey everyone! Hope you had a great week! Today’s #SocialSunday is all about us! We are still growing our audience here at PageLines Community, so be sure to Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and give us a +1 at Google+ if you haven’t already. It’s the best way to communicate with us, [...]

Removing The Date From Flipper

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Flipper is a section in both PageLines DMS 1.x and in version 2.  This tip applies to version 2 only.  Flipper is a great way to display posts or custom post types but one thing that’s included is a field to display the date when you hover over it.  Sometimes this is great, and sometimes [...]

PageLines DMS 2 Is Here

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Wow, after roughly 6 months and over 700 commits, many many lines of code and an extended period of bug squashing, PageLines DMS 2 is here.  What an exciting time for the team at PageLines and for us as DMS users.  There are a lot of great new features that really make this release a [...]

#SocialSunday: How to Hashtag

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If you use social media, chances are you use #s (hashtags), or at least have a working knowledge on what they are, but how do you use them properly? In case you’re like my mom and don’t know what a hashtag is, here’s a quick description from Mashable:   “the pound sign (or hash) turns [...]

Understanding Templates In PageLines DMS 2

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Templates in PageLines DMS 2 have been given a significant upgrade that warrants a little bit of explanation.  In version one, templates were more of a starting point for a page design rather than a true template.  In DMS 1, you would create a page, save it as a template and then apply that template [...]

#SocialSunday – Learning From TV Shows

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Just like the rest of the world, traditional media outlets are now starting to use new media (aka social media) to reach new audiences and interact with their current fan base. It seems that most shows on TV now have a hashtag in the  corner of the screen, inviting viewers to join a conversation with [...]