Grow from PageLines Beginner to PageLines Pro.

The PageLines Academy is a premium membership community of courses, tutorials, tips and tricks for PageLines enthusiasts.

The starting point for PageLines beginners.

Training to help you get more out of PageLines in less time.

Optimized Workflow

Start with the tools to help you optimize your PageLines design environment.

Business Oriented

Courses are modular and designed to get you going on real projects.

Professionally Crafted

The Academy is built using state-of-the-art tools for a high-definition experience.

Results Driven

Choose the courses that will get you to your desired skill set.

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Do more with PageLines DMS.

Here are some things we'll teach you at PageLines Academy.

Installing DMS

Whether you've been using PageLines for a while or are new to the platform, we'll show you everything you need to know about installing PageLines DMS.

Working With Child Themes

How to install child themes, why they are important, their structure and how to customize them.

The DMS Interface

We'll walk through every panel and every option so you know exactly what it all does and how to use it effectively in your design.

Adding Premium Sections & Plugins

We'll go through the purchasing process for premium sections and plugins and cover how to install them and get them working on your site.

PageLines HTML

We'll walk through how PageLines interacts with HTML and teach you the basic tags you need to know to get going with HTML in PageLines.

PageLines CSS

We'll explain how PageLines uses CSS to customize sites and show you how to create your own classes to customize sections in your site.

PageLines & Twitter's Bootstrap

PageLines is built on Twitter's Bootstrap which means there's extra functionality built right in. We'll help you unlock it all.

Templates & Theming

We'll show you how to create templates, export themes and then import them to another site.

PageLines Academy is also about community.

We'll connect you with fellow PageLines DMS enthusiasts.

Members Only Forum

Build relationships with other Academy 'students' in a closed environment.

Peer Review

Do 'market research' and 'beta' testing with your peers to improve design.

Exclusive Google Hangouts

Ask questions and get immediate answers with Google Hangouts.

Design Showcase

Improve your SEO with a site showcase link to your work and your portfolio.

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